Top 12 Contaminated Foods to NEVER Eat Non-Organic

hey you guys it’s Christina some of the most popular ask questions that I get in this lifestyle is about organic produce do you need to buy organic all the time if you’re trying to eat fully raw which fruits and vegetables you need to buy organic which fruits and veggies are most highly sprayed with pesticides and which fruits and vegetables are safest to eat sadly not all produce is created equal some fruits and vegetables are more susceptible to contamination than others what is the difference between organic and conventional organic produce is different than conventional produce because it is not sprayed with pesticides or chemicals organic produce is said to be grown in accordance with the laws of nature without sprays or treatments and not grown from genetically modified seeds also known as GMO crops the pesticides that are sprayed onto conventional produce and sometimes thrown into the soil have been shown to be extremely toxic to the human body creating life-threatening illnesses such as cancer heart disease diabetes hypertension Crohn’s disease skin diseases leaky gut syndrome allergies and more organic may be better for you but it’s not always affordable and easy to find so today I want to show you that you can still eat fully raw eat clean and save money by learning the Dirty Dozen and the clean fifteen I want to share with you the top 12 most highly sprayed veggies for you to avoid conventionally and buy organically and if you cannot buy them organically you can avoid purchasing them or you can even try to grow them yourself to save money I will also share with you the top least sprayed fruits and veggies that you can purchase conventionally to help you save money and achieve this lifestyle successfully here is the Dirty Dozen and the top twelve fruits and veggies that I most highly recommend that you purchase or gay if possible or grow yourself apples celery tomatoes cucumbers grapes nectarines peaches potatoes spinach strawberries blueberries sweet bell peppers and green beans and kale are moving up on the most highly sprayed list as well so try to buy those organic here are the clean 15 and these are the fruits and veggies that you can eat conventionally because they are not as highly sprayed with pesticides onions avocado sweet corn and be sure that this is not genetically modified pineapple mango sweet peas eggplant cauliflower asparagus Kiwi cabbage grapefruit sweet potatoes and melons such as honeydew watermelon or cantaloupe keep in mind that there are tons of ways that you can eat fully raw on a low budget if you’re looking for ways to save money eating fully raw please check out my top tips on my website at fully raw calm and sign up for the weekly newsletter so that you can get more helpful and helpful information if you need it you can also click on this past video that I’ve made called how to afford eating fully raw I highly recommend finding your local organic co-op like roughly organic like the one that I run here in Houston or joining any type of food community or farmers market listserv where you can buy local buy organic buy fresh and save as much money as possible a good rule of thumb is that if you can peel the fruit of the vegetable then it is safer to eat for instance bananas oranges mangoes and papayas are safer to eat since you don’t have to eat the skin and because you know that if it was sprayed then at least you avoid that danger of eating the chemical there is the possibility that the pesticides were put into the soil and grew into the fruit but you are consuming less pesticides if you eat something where you can peel off the skin if you cannot peel the fruit or the vegetable then try to get it organic or avoid it or grow it yourself or find it for sale at your local farmers market for instance pears peaches berries and all greens these items are all highly sprayed there’s no escape from eating the pesticides since it is literally on the skin of the fruit and can easily absorb inside and some of you may be asking why are some of these fruits and vegetables more sprayed with pesticides than others and it has everything to do with how they’re grown their growing season how some fruits and vegetables grow faster with pesticides to yield higher rate and more profit for perhaps conventional produce companies or for the grocery stores or whatnot there are many different reasons to put pesticides on fruit however there are even far more reasons to eat them just as they are fresh from the field without chemicals without preservatives or any type of pesticide I know that when people go into the fields to spray these crops they have to wear white suits just to protect themselves from these chemicals but if you have to protect your skin in your whole body from this pesticide and you’re going to put it on the fruit then why would you want to consume that food and put it into your body we want to eat the freshest most natural beautiful organic fruits and vegetables that we can and so I’m hoping that these two lists will help you make smart choices clean choices and healthier choices when shopping for your produce so when you can always strive to get organic local homegrown fresh and as most natural as you can find it but if you can’t then hopefully these two lists will be of great help to you whenever you need them if you would like a printable copy of these lists you can find them on my website at fully rad calm that way you can print them out and bring them with you to the farmers market or the grocery store that way you can have them on hands or even on your mobile device if you guys have appreciated this video and if you want to share with your family your friends or if you believe in fully raw foods and organic produce please give this video a thumbs up if you guys need more tips tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw please subscribe here to flea Rob Kristina as we have fun living and learning about this beautiful fully real lifestyle together you guys want to follow me daily or see what I’m eating you can also find me on Facebook Instagram Pinterest and Twitter all at fully raw Kristina all right you guys I hope that you have a beautiful day that you get some good shopping done and I send you all my house bye you

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