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hey it’s Whitney from eco vegan gal comm and welcome back to the healthy organic vegan on a budget series and which I’m giving you 30 videos to help you eat well without spending a lot of money all leading up to my upcoming ebook on the same topic and in this video I want to talk about where to find food where do you buy food where do you get food from and it’s really a perfect time because I’m sitting in the car I just returned from a shopping trip of my own and I will get to that in a moment number one the cheapest and healthiest place to get your food is to grow it yourself from your own garden or windowsill anywhere that you can I’ve talked about this in a few videos in this series and I highly recommend finding a way to grow at least herbs your own herbs can be several dollars when you buy them from the store but when you grab it buy them your grow them yourself they’re only a few cents so it’s really really worth it the second best place to be would be from a farmers market or a CSA CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and there’s a few different ways that those work out and explore that a lot in the book but that’s still directly from a farm you’re gonna get the freshest food freshly picked it is second best to growing it yourself because it’s probably only been on off the ground for a few hours then you’ve got small natural markets and that’s where I just returned from in Massachusetts a lot of people think that just because you live in a remote area if you don’t live in a big city you’re not gonna have access to really high quality food organic options good prices not true at all I wish I could give you a store tour of one of my favorite places in the entire country which is in a very small town in Massachusetts it’s called Debra’s natural gourmet and it’s in West Concord it’s about 25 minutes away from my parents and they always come here don’t think that just because you live in a small town you can’t find places like that the best places to find them are going on Yelp and type in in organic or natural grocer and you’ll be really surprised at all the options that come up you can of course just use Google or you can use your word of mouth and just start to pay attention to around different cities and or neighborhoods and see a few spot places on the street some of them aren’t that great at marketing then of course there are the bigger natural grocers number one is Whole Foods and I talk a lot about Whole Foods in my ebook because I love Whole Foods and so many people have this misconception that it’s whole paycheck that you’re gonna spend so much money there but you can actually get great deals there prices are less expensive in a lot of cases than many other popular stores including places like Trader Joe’s which is another place great place to shop that’s what my parents go they prefer that they like to get everything all in one place and Trader Joe’s is the place for them and it’s true for a lot of people my only thing with Trader Joe’s is a lot of their organic produce is in plastic or sorts of packaging so I prefer getting it from the farmers market or another natural gourmet where natural grocer like Deborah is gourmet where I can get it without all the packaging then there are all sorts of natural grocers that you can check out like sprouts is really popular right now there’s fresh and easy there’s so many across the country and across the world I would love to hear from you what your local a favorite natural grocer is in the comments below and a lot of the bigger chain markets actually have little sections within them so out in Massachusetts I believe it’s stop and shop that has a section called wild harvest and it’s like a cornered off section of their store that’s like a mini natural grocer with in it really cool Safeway also does this and it depends on sperm store the store some have that special section some have like the section scattered within aisle to aisle so don’t be afraid to go to the big chain markets you’ll find organic food you’ll find vegan food you’ll find healthy options and some of them have really great prices especially when they have sales again I cover this in depth in the e-book and you know there are organic vegan options popping up all over the place even in stores like Walmart the 90 cents only stores and Target you kind of have to figure out if you’re comfortable shopping at those types of stores I’m personally not a big fan of Walmart but I do appreciate that they’re offering more options and if that is really the closest most convenient and maybe the cheapest place for you hey buying organic and vegan somewhere is better than nowhere but I encourage you to kind of look into the ethics behind some of the bigger chain stores and that’s why I always recommend go shopping or or getting your food from a place that really supports farmers so that it’s going directly to them they’re getting as much as possible starting to understand the ethics behind how your food is grown how it’s packaged who’s making it this is a type of thing that I really get into depth in in the e-book because I’m so passionate about and it really changes the cost changed the quality changes the whole experience from a kind of energetic standpoint as well really just knowing where your food is coming from and who’s selling it so I would love to hear from you now where do you buy your food I’m speaking mainly from the Americans perspective and I especially want to know internationally where you get your food from do you grow it yourself do you get it from the local farmer do you have a small grocer I would love to see you lift the name your city the state if you’re in the United States and the country of where you’re living and where you shop you could even link to the website of your favorite store so other people can find it as well it’d be nice to have like a little catalog in the comments down below thank you so much for watching this video if you found it 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