Why Eating Organic Is Better!

I have a passion for produce so can somebody do me a favor and point me toward the good stuff everyone Laci green here for dnews over the past five years or so you may have noticed the organic produce section slowly getting bigger and bigger organic basically means the produce was grown old-school-style they aren’t using fertilizers to control weeds or pesticides to ward off insects they use natural non chemical means that promote water and soil conservation while creating less pollution conventional methods use all that stuff and thus they’re able to grow a lot more food a lot more quickly while organic and conventional produce look pretty much the same Organic is often a lot more expensive so the question is what are you paying for and isn’t worth the dollars at the end of the day the answer to that question comes down to personal priorities and budget but here’s a rundown of what the studies say a controversial study that came out of Stanford in 2012 found that there was no significant nutritional difference between organic and conventional produce the scientists hand selected 237 studies to analyze and found a few key outcomes one no difference in vitamin protein or fat content to no evidence of health risks with conventional produce but three conventional produce has a 30% increased risk of pesticide contamination we also found that children who eat conventional produce have more pesticide residues in their pee and exposure to higher levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria a study was widely criticized by the scientific community for using faulty methods and leaving out several really important studies about nutritional content fast forward to 2014 in the british journal of nutrition has just released the largest international analysis ever covering three hundred and forty-three studies on organic produce their findings tell a slightly different story researchers found the organic produce is more nutritious and that it contains up to 70% more antioxidants than conventionally grown produce they found that the chemical fertilisers which allow the vegetables to grow bigger and faster with little effort don’t allow for proportional antioxidant development so even though the veggies are bigger the health benefits aren’t the same antioxidants are developed as the vegetable fights to survive and grow so they’re protected by the chemicals you get a different result the review also found that conventional produce has more pesticides duh and up to 48 percent more exposure to the toxic metal cadmium I’ve got a lot of personal research on the topic and it seems to me that organic has a lot of health benefits and the widespread use of antibiotics pesticides and chemical fertilizers is pretty questionable but conventional produce is still much better than no produce at all and you’re not on the fast track to death if you eat it if you’re on a budget and you need to be choosy prioritize the fruits and veggies where you eat the skin apples are a big one strawberries grapes tomatoes so on let me know what you think about eating organic down below and I’ll see you soon more science updates

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